Root Canal Treatment: How To Prepare Both Before And After

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Root canal treatment may be necessary when there is inflammation in one of your dental pulps, which may be due to extensive decay, a faulty crown, a fissure in the tooth, or other similar problems. In any of these cases, a root canal procedure is required to eliminate bacteria from the infected tooth. Under this treatment, the dentist will remove the inflamed pulp and carefully clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth. From there, the tooth will be filled and sealed to ensure that it starts functioning normally.  

If you plan to have the procedure done, it is important to find services from qualified professionals from whom you can get quality services. You can consider Ocean Dental’s root canal treatment or any other similar and reputable service provider.  

However, finding the right hospital is not enough to ensure a smooth root canal procedure. You must also go the extra mile and prepare before visiting your dentist. This way, you will not only have a better experience but you’ll also speed up your recovery process.  

Here are ways to prepare for a root canal procedure. 

1. Avoid Tobacco And Alcohol For At Least 24 Hours Before The Treatment 

The dentist will likely apply a local anesthetic before the procedure to help prevent or minimize pain. However, these products may quickly react with tobacco and alcohol, which may affect the whole process of your treatment and recovery.  

On one hand, the nicotine in tobacco affects how blood flows in your veins. As a result, you’ll likely experience excessive bleeding during and after the root canal procedure.  

On the other hand, alcohol can cause your mouth to dry up, which changes how blood clots in this area. It could also lead to bleeding issues and a rapid heart rate. 

To avoid complications during your treatment, don’t use tobacco or alcohol for at least 24 hours before the procedure.  

2. Eat Well Before The Procedure

Eating after the treatment might not be possible since the dentist will have already injected your gums with a local anesthetic. Hence, eating several hours before the procedure is advantageous to your recovery. There are some instances, however, when the dentist will require you not to eat anything before the treatment. For this reason, ensure to seek advice from your health service provider before you take any food items.  

3. Have Enough Sleep 

Sleep well a night before your appointment. This enables your body to relax so that you can remain alert during the procedure. It also helps reduce the stress and anxiety that may come along the way.  

Since the human body repairs its systems while you sleep, you should also get enough sleep the night after the root canal procedure. Using a pillow is one of the best ways to ensure that you sleep well before and after the root canal procedure. It’ll help support your body to promote your comfort, thus enabling you to have nights of quality sleep. So, if you don’t have a sleeping pillow at home, consider shopping for one.  

4. Take Some Painkillers Before The Procedure

The modern technologies that dentists use these days minimize the discomfort that their patients encounter during a root canal treatment. AdobeStock 250633826.However, you can still expect to experience some pain. Taking painkillers a few minutes before your appointment may minimize some of these discomforts. Remember to consult your dentist to help determine which types of pain relievers you should take.

5. Organize For A Ride Home 

If your dentist uses a local anesthetic to control discomfort, you might not need to organize a ride home. However, you may need to do so if you opt for general anesthesia or a sedative. If this is the case, ensure to find a vehicle and a driver who will take you home from the hospital.  

6. Allocate Enough Money For The Procedure

You’ll have to pay for the root canal procedure in most hospitals. You’ll also need enough money to purchase medicine and pay for your transport. Hence, organizing your finances before the treatment is necessary to avoid future problems.  

You may want to consult your dentist to know how much they’ll likely charge you or talk to your taxi driver to know your transport fees. This way, you can ensure that you have enough budget for your root canal treatment.  


While managing tooth pain is possible, getting a root canal treatment is necessary to permanently address the problem. It can also be good for your general health as it prevents tooth loss and infections and promotes the aesthetics of teeth. All these help avoid other health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and mouth cancer, which are associated with improper oral hygiene.

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