How to Get Fit Without Spending Hours in the Gym

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Getting fit requires time, effort, and consistency. You probably think back to your younger, pre-kids days when you hit the gym every day after work for an hour or longer without needing to rush home. Back then, you were probably in fantastic shape, with endless free time to do whatever you wanted, and committed a large chunk of your free time to exercise.

While it may have been easier to maintain your shape when you dedicated hours a week to working out, getting fit does not require much time. As a working parent, you likely can’t fit in an hour every day to go to the gym. Apart from the time spent at the gym, you will also need to factor in travel time, so it often isn’t easy to stay committed.

If you’re keen on improving your fitness and getting into shape, you’d still need to work out regularly, but you don’t have to go to the gym to do it, nor do you need to commit to a full hour every day. Instead of buying pricey gym memberships that you will probably stop using within a few weeks, it is more productive, sustainable, and affordable in the long run to find other ways to exercise that fit into your lifestyle. 

Apart from the good exercising will do for you, living an active life is an excellent example to set for your children. When they see you exercising and prioritizing fitness, they are more likely to emulate this behaviour than if you slump on the sofa in front of the TV while telling them to put down their devices and play outside. 

The best way to get fit is to choose workouts or exercises you enjoy. When you enjoy your training, you’re more likely to commit to it than if you dread it and see it as another chore on your to-do list. Another way to ensure you’re consistent is to fit your workouts into your life so that they become a routine.

If you want to work out at home but are unsure where to begin, here are some ideas:

Walk or Run

Walking is the most underrated exercise! It’s free, and anyone can walk, regardless of their fitness level. Running is also a superb way to build stamina and boosts your energy; if you run on the road or in a park, it allows you to be outdoors, which is a plus for people who work in an office all day. 

The only downside is that you may not be keen on walking or running if it’s too hot, too cold, or raining, so your workout is weather dependent. 

If you’re a beginner, start with a slow, short walk and pick up the pace as you progress. Start with a fifteen-minute walk and add five to ten minutes every week. 

You can take your family with you and make it a family activity you all do together. Between work, school, and other activities, many families don’t get to spend time together on weekdays doing something leisurely, so an after-dinner walk can be something everyone can look forward to. 

Build a Home Gym

Before you skip thinking that a home gym is too expensive and requires a lot of space, think again! A home gym doesn’t need to be a replica of a commercial gym. All you need are a few basic pieces of equipment. You don’t even need an entire room to set up a gym. You can set up a gym space in an area of your living room, bedroom, study, or garage that you aren’t using. 

The equipment you should buy will depend on the kinds of workouts that you enjoy doing. It’s a good idea to have a machine for cardio, like a treadmill or bike. This will be the most expensive piece of equipment you purchase, so shop around and research before buying one. When you find a treadmill or bike you’re keen on, look for a detailed treadmill walkthrough review or reviews about the bike to get a better idea of its features and benefits. Also, pay attention to the size so that it fits into your space. 

The other equipment you need is smaller, more affordable items that you can use for strength and resistance training. Like your cardio machines, strength training equipment is entirely up to your preference. You can buy a set of dumbbells, a resistance band, or a kettlebell. 

To begin with, don’t worry about getting weights in different sizes/weights. If your budget is tight, get one set of dumbbells or a kettlebell in a challenging but comfortable weight, and as you progress, you can increase the number of reps using the same weight. You can always purchase more weights to add to your collection later on. 

Online Workouts

Unless you’re a fitness expert, it may be confusing to figure out what exercises to do when working out at home. You can randomly select basic exercises that you know target each area, like squats, lunges, crunches, and pushups, or you can follow workout routines online. 

The internet is full of different workouts, from pilates to HIIT to yoga to Zumba and more. You can choose a full-body routine or target specific areas each day. You can also select workouts that fit the time you have. There are workout routines that range from as short as ten minutes to two-hour workouts. 

Using workouts online is an excellent way to add variety to your exercises so that you don’t get bored and also gives you the opportunity to add in activities that you didn’t know that work different muscles for a complete workout.

You can do a routine whenever it suits you – train early in the morning before your family wakes up, or you can sneak in a quick exercise between doing homework with the kids and preparing dinner. If you have the energy, doing a slow yoga routine will help you unwind before bed. 

Louis loves fitness and everything related to it. His hobby is writing useful tips about workouts, nutrition, etc. on different websites to help people.

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