Top 7 Workout Mistakes to Avoid

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When it comes to working out, there are a lot of mistakes that people make and over time, they may become a habit and the norm. They can ruin your workout and even have adverse effects on your health. It’s important to make yourself aware of these workout mistakes and change your workout routine accordingly before they turn into habits.

1. Running too much

If you are trying to lose weight, focus on resistance, weight, and cardio training. Running is good, but it is a low impact form of cardio and can cause loss of muscle, which we don’t want. Running consumes a lot of energy for less effective results. Apart from that, running on an empty stomach is one of the most crucial mistakes people make. Running first thing in the morning has become a standard but has its disadvantages. First of all, don’t even try other low impact forms of cardio exercises, shift towards other workouts. Second, if you are into running, at least do it wearing proper clothes. Check out workout clothes for women and men here and choose your favorites. Eat a healthy diet before, but not immediately before running. Milk, almonds, fruit, protein, and fiber is really important.

2. Not weight lifting

Women avoid weight training as they fear they would bulk up. However, it is not true. The truth is, women don’t bulk up as easily compared to men, but this depends on each body type. Weight training can help you lose weight effectively in less time. Squats, lunges, and jumps are a few examples. You might already be doing it, just add weight to your routine! You might want to consult with your doctor and trainer before making any decisions.

3. Having improper form

Improper form and bad angles while doing exercises lead to injuries that can also be permanent or long-term. This is one of the most common workout mistakes, especially among newbies and people who don’t seek help from professionals or trainers. There is no point in working out and maintaining a bad form. These days, there are a lot of mobile apps and online posts that help you correct your posture. If that is not an option for you to take advantage of the free personal training session, asking someone in the gym or even a trainer who you didn’t hire won’t kill. Just like the improper form, workout clothes need to be in tip-top condition too. If yours lose functionality quick, you need to avoid these workout clothes washing mistakes. Have a look and exercise clean!

4. Not warming up and stretching

If hopping on the treadmill is the very first thing you do after entering the gym then, believe me, you can ruin your body. Just a few minutes of warmup and stretching won’t take long but they sure do help to make the body ready for exercise and prevent injuries. Now the debate on whether stretching is better before a workout or after, is for another time.

5. Making cardio mistakes

According to trainers, running at a constant pace is a common workout mistake. You have to change things up to get the most out of the workouts. There has to be a balance between too much and too little cardio if you want results. Think of half-hour and one hour as the lower and upper limit, respectively, for cardio workouts. Any more than that and the body hits a wall, meaning no benefits and energy waste. Don’t forget to change things up a little or bring some alteration in your pace. Ramona Braganza, the celebrity trainer and Gold’s Gym ambassador, says the number-one mistake she sees women make is overdoing it on cardio – just running, running and running on a treadmill at one moderate pace, without changing things up. The key to getting more out of your workouts, says Braganza, is adding interval training – bursts of high-intensity moves – to your routine. So, whether you’re running, biking, swimming or whatever, go hard for a minute or two, then slow down (that’s your recovery) for the same duration before going full-throttle again. Over time, shorten your recovery time.

6. Wanting overnight results

Setting unachievable and non-realistic goals and not keeping track of your progress is how to become disappointed in your nonexistent results. This hassle can reverse the results and you might end up gaining weight instead of losing it. Things like workouts, martial arts, and etc. require patience and persistence, so we recommend to just keep working on it and to do things properly. Set short term goals that lead the path towards long term goals and the results you want. Don’t give up if you cannot reach your goals in the set time, just adjust the time accordingly and get to it again. Research suggests a person needs to do at least 150 minutes of aerobic workouts a week. Mix it with anaerobic and HIIT workouts for better weight loss.

7. Believing that crunching is everything

Crunches are good for losing belly fat, but there are tons of other effective workouts. Most of all, crunches don’t effectively focus on the mid-belly section and the obliques. Don’t just focus on one exercise and continue with that. Mix things up and read what your body is trying to tell you. If abs are the goal, work on it from every angle. By avoiding these workout mistakes, you are on your way to a healthier you!

Ashley Atson is a specialized fitness instructor who first joined the gym as a trainee to get in the right shape. On achieving fitness goals, she became a fitness fanatic and chose this as a professional career at Born Tough. Although she is a mother with tons of responsibilities at home, she still manages to work hard and excel in her fitness career. She is a staunch believer of being fit despite any age, gender, or profession.

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