What is Reiki and How Does It Work

Introduction to Reiki

Are you as healthy as you would like to be? How is your body feeling these days? Are you overweight, lacking in energy, and in pain, or do you jump out of bed each day, eager to enjoy all that life has to offer you?

If conventional medicine isn’t giving you all the energy and vitality that you wish for, perhaps it’s time to take a trip back in time. Ancient methods of East Asian medicine are tried and true, proven to stand the test of time and the crossing of several continents, and today we have the benefit of combining both East and West to get health benefits that our ancestors could only dream about.

What are we talking about? The practice of Reiki.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that rose to prominence in Japan in the early 20th century. Its foundation is based on the simple theory that we “all have life force energy present in our bodies”. A Reiki practitioner is someone who is trained to help you balance, re-release, and reintegrate this life force energy, allowing it to flow through your physical vessel as it was intended to do.

A Reiki practitioner is not responsible for healing his or her energy recipient, but rather, inspiring energy flow in such a way that the body is allowed to heal itself. The word, “Reiki” literally means “God’s power”, and practitioners and recipients alike note positive benefits from a session in which this powerful life force is used with responsibility and integrity.

How is reiki taught?

According to Japanese traditions, the concept of channeling Reiki energy is one that is passed from sensei to student; this process is done through a series of attunements and initiations where a teacher passes energy along to his student, activating them to continue working with life force energy. Once these energy channels are opened and activated, they remain open for the rest of your life, so practicing Reiki with integrity is essential to provide health and healing for those around you.

Levels of initiation

Reiki healing practices are taught and learned in three basic stages. Stage one involves learning to practice on the self or others using light touch; stage two involves learning the art of tuning in to one’s biofield for remote sessions. In stage three of initiation, a student is taught to pass on their knowledge of Reiki healing practices, becoming a Reiki Master themselves.

East meets West: What are some benefits of Reiki?

There are several benefits to be experienced from receiving a Reiki healing session. Many people are surprised at how effective these sessions can be, especially when they seem to be at first nothing more than an exchange of pleasantries and some quiet time. Over time, people become spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally transformed by the receipt of Reiki energy. Here are some more benefits that come from regular energy work:

1. Increased balance and harmony in life

Reiki works to restore balance in your energy field, which then spills over into every other area of life. A body in harmony and balance functions better on every level; people note more mental clarity, increased energy, and increased peace when faced with life circumstances.

2. Improved relaxation

We live in a stressful world; we hit the ground running with coffee in hand day after day, and many of us don’t stop responding to emails, texts, and the demands of life till we fall into bed. As Reiki quiets the mind, we learn the fine art of relaxation, and how spending more time in this place of quiet calm can actually promote more creativity and productivity than every before. Relaxation benefits are experienced in the body as well; Reiki patients note a reduction in blood pressure, better sleep, and fewer aches and pains.

3. Resolution of energy blocks

We may be holding onto emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are holding us back. When this “stuck” energy manifests in our bodies, it can keeps from living out our true purpose as we realize better and higher states of health and well being. Reiki has a remarkable ability to transform us from the inside out by working through those energy blockages, stuck emotions, and subconscious beliefs that have been holding us back for so long.

4. Stronger Immunity

Want to be resistant to all sorts of illness, disease, and infection? Engage in regular Reiki therapy sessions, and you’ll stress less, you’ll fall ill less often, and you’ll be in a better state of health all around.

5. Clarity and peace of mind

Reiki teaches both student and teacher to be in the present moment. As such, it will allow you to let go of past regrets and leave the future till tomorrow. You’ll experience increased clarity of mind and peace at being able to enjoy the present moment.

6. Improved sleep

All of this present moment awareness will help you sleep peacefully through the night as well. How many of you can say that is a regular part of your experience? Bringing your mind to rest will allow your body to rest and repair itself as well. Peaceful sleep is a beautiful thing.

7. May be effective in treating and preventing some diseases

While Reiki practitioners cannot claim to “cure cancer”, many note that common symptoms experienced by those with cancer, such as pain, fatigue, and depression, are dramatically reduced when their patients undergo regular energy healing sessions. Reiki has also been found to be a remarkably effective treatment in the cases of arthritis, asthma, blood pressure issues, and even diabetes. As always, talk to your regular care physician before incorporating Reiki into part of your care plan if you have any one of these conditions.

8. A reduction in inflammation

Did you know that systemic inflammation is the root cause of all disease in the body? Reiki is not only used to lower stress, but the brain’s response to lowered stress is lower levels of inflammation throughout the body. When your body is in a state of “ease”, it cannot manifest “dis-ease”. Makes sense, right?

9. Deeper relationships

Getting to the heart of the matter is what Reiki is all about. As you learn more about yourself and you uncover your authentic needs, desires, and personality, it is likely that your relationships will change to reflect these ideals in your life. Face these changes with courage, commitment and determination to surround yourself with people who feed your soul and spirit, as you contribute to theirs.

10. Refined spiritual awareness

Attunement to life force energy allows you to refine your relationship with the spiritual side of you as well. Reiki is just as much a journey of personal development as it is intended to work on your physical body as well. Approach a session with an open mind, and open heart, and see what marvelous things await you as you continue on your transformative journey.

What to expect in a Reiki healing session?

Reiki sessions will vary in length; it is not uncommon for a typical session to last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing, as you’ll be lying on a treatment table in this for the entire session. Your practitioner will then be guided to move his/her hands along your energy meridians, using a combination of above the body and light touch as energy is moved through and around your physical body.

You will likely experience a combination of deep relaxation and some stirrings of emotion; it is not uncommon to feel deep emotions as they surface themselves to be released. Don’t fight this process; welcome it, for it is the beginning of your transformation into a freely flowing being. The more you allow, the more you practice, the more significant your changes will be. Reiki can, over time, be a truly magical and transformative process.

How to find Reiki near me

These days, it is not difficult to find the best Reiki practitioner performing services right in your own backyard. A simple internet search, a conversation with your massage therapist or your naturopathic doctor, can put you on the path to finding someone that can move your energy and get you started on a wonderful process of healing. Even some medical doctors have certifications in Reiki energy work as part of a plan to offer more comprehensive care to their patients. Ask friends and family for recommendations as well; you might be surprised at people in your circle of friends and family who have already visited Reiki practitioners and are ready and willing to offer advice on getting started. And of course the simplest way to find best Reiki practitioner is to start your search below.

Working with your natural life force

Nothing is quite as powerful as connecting with that “divine” force within you and allowing healing to come forth. There are times when conventional wisdom and knowledge fail us, and we need to surrender to that which is already inside, waiting to come out and bloom in wonderful ways. Try a session or two of Reiki, and be open to how your life can change as a result of tapping this inner love, peace, and wisdom.

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