Herniated Disc Pain? Leverage Physical Therapy to Treat It

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If you have ever experienced a sharp radiating pain in your shoulder, leg or buttock area, then you may have had an examination done for a herniated disc. These issues are usually an indicator of a slipped disc, which are the cushions that make up our spine.

People who are dealing with this kind of health problem are advised to get conservative treatment, which is usually surgery-free. One can seek the assistance of exercise, relaxation at times, and painkillers during major pain. However, nothing compares to the effectiveness of physical therapy treatment for herniated disc pain.

In some cases of slipped disc, the patient does not feel or observe any kind of sign or symptom. The pain arises in the lumbar region of our spine and can put pressure on the sciatic nerve. However, this condition is not so difficult to overcome, if a patient gets the right treatment on time. Usually, it takes six weeks for a patient to get back to normal from the herniated disc.

In some cases, when one takes the assistance of physical therapy along with some oral medication, then the pain vanishes much more quickly. This issue is quite common among people 30-50 years of age.

If we particularly talk about physical therapy as a treatment for herniated disc, then nothing is comparable. The reason behind this is the suitability of physical therapy for the ease it provides to the human body. By opting for such a natural cure for disc issues, a patient can adopt a healthy way to prevent any injury in the future.

On the other hand, surgeries can leave a person with stiffness, aches and sometimes reduced mobility. Undoubtedly, physical therapy can assist the patient in the best possible manner if done by the right professional. For instance- among all the techniques of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy is considered ideal for deep tissue massage (it can be cold or hot therapy). This therapy provides the ultimate relief to the patient with electrical stimulation and can do wonders for his or her pains.

Although this type of treatment is initiated as a passive one eventually, it can do miracles for a patient’s healing process. Soon, their body will gain back all its strength and previous mobility will be obtained once again.

What to expect when you visit a physiotherapist

A professional therapist will indeed begin with an in-depth evaluation of the spine. At Physical Therapy Glendale NY, they will tell you the reason behind all your pains that you have been dealing with. Also, they will evaluate the symptoms that you experience, and whether they are of a herniated disc or not. After considering all the necessary factors depending upon your health condition, they will then make a unique treatment plan for you.

This plan may include manual therapy (hands-on physical therapy), therapeutic techniques and helpful exercises to help you with instant pain relief. Also, by doing these prescribed exercises, you can feel an improved core control that will help you to get your desired mobility back. After that, there will be ice and heat therapy to make the patients’ body stress-free. It is believed by therapists that if the body is having the least stress, the healing process from any injury or issue quickens.

Moving further, there will be electrical muscle stimulation to help those muscle aches. And lastly, they will prescribe stretching which is ideal to reduce the chances of future injuries. Also, they can provide necessary anti-inflammatory medicine for emergency situations.

In short, your professional physical therapist will assign the entire much-needed course for your best treatment for a herniated disc. This program will facilitate the patient with ultimate flexibility, posture analysis and strength stabilization along with healing of the main problem of the herniated disc. Their goal is to bring your mobility and functional level back to what it was before your injury.

How to speed up the healing process

Along with physical therapy, you need to learn about the treatments that can help you heal faster. One of the best means to do so is to relieve inflammation. To do this, you need to apply an ice pack or a heating pad on the problematic area. This way you can get relief from your inflammation as well as from the pain. Also, laying down on your stomach with one or two pillows under the hips for about 10-15 minutes regularly can be of great help. However, you should ask your physician beforehand to be sure you are following the right path for you.

You should be careful about your movements while dealing with a herniated disc. Any mistake can give an unnecessary and regretful boost to the problem. The patient should avoid wearing heels and standing or sitting for a long time. Although it is advisable to refrain from carrying heavy objects, if it is important to do so, try to keep your back straight while lifting. Another crucial thing to do is work on good posture, as it will help you benefit from the effects of physical therapy as a cure for a herniated disc.

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Dr. Ryan Martin is a practice owner of ProMet Physical Therapy center located in Glendale, NY. He offers Cupping, IASTM Technique, NormaTec Recovery system, and many other treatments for his patients. ProMetPT is one of the finest physical therapy centers for the best possible results and is known for its elite services performed by highly-trained professionals.

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