Best Businesses for Barre in Chapel Hill


Barre is a workout technique that focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen the body. Barre is essentially a blend of ballet-inspired exercises, yoga and Pilates. It involves the use of a free-standing or wall mounted bar which is called the barre (or equivalent like a countertop or chair back), mats, resistance bands, sliders, ankle weights, free weights, and exercise balls. Upbeat music is usually played during the sessions, along with an engaging choreography. Barre workouts are typically broken into different sections that focus on major muscle groups including the arms, legs, glutes, and core. The classes typically last 60 minutes and take place in fitness studios. They begin with a warm-up that targets the upper body e.g. exercises such as push-ups and planks. Then, the barre and bodyweight are used to focus on the thigh and leg muscles, while engaging the core throughout. The cool-down involves a series of stretches to promote muscle recovery. There are different types of barre classes, such as cardio barre (barre moves coupled with a cardio workout), HIIT barre (cardio barre but even more intense). Barre workouts help to develop agility and flexibility, improve muscle tone & alignment, improve posture, increase core strength, increase cardiovascular endurance, increase the body’s metabolism to burn fat, increase stamina and reduce stress.