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CrossFit is a fitness program that integrates multiple sports and training regimens all in one to provide a workout that is constantly varied, has functional movements and executed at high intensity. CrossFit is based on pushing the body to its limits, training the body for the unknown and being physically prepared for almost anything. CrossFit gyms are usually referred to as the ‘box’, and provide a combination of cardio, weight-lifting, calisthenics and gymnastics equipment. The classes generally last an hour, broken down into four different components: a warm-up, strength or skill, workout of the day, called WOD for short (a certain combination of exercises either for a set amount of time or until you've completed a specific number of reps), and cool-down or mobility session. For example, a typical CrossFit WOD may consist of 100m Run, 2 Burpees, 2 Deadlifts 185lb, 2 Pull-ups, done in 20 Min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible in the time allotted). The equipment used depends on the training form. For weight lifting, dumbbells and weight plates are mainly used. For gymnastics, exercises such as rope climbing, push-ups, handstands and pull-ups are performed. The benefits of CrossFit are improved physical strength (the dynamic movements help gain muscle strength and stamina), improved aerobic fitness (by helping to increase VO2 max i.e. the maximum amount of oxygen utilized during exercise), improved agility, balance, and flexibility (which help reduce the risk of injury and improve quality of life), burn calories and manage weight.