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James River Family Practice

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Family medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on providing comprehensive healthcare for the individual and the entire family. It is practiced by family doctors/physicians who receive dedicated outpatient training in providing acute, chronic and wellness care for patients. They also receive inpatient hospital training; adult critical care training; and children care in hospital and emergency settings. Family medicine emphasizes on continuity of care, health maintenance, and disease prevention. Family medicine serves a number of roles. These include: caring for patients regardless of age or health condition, building a long-term therapeutic & trusting relationship; understanding community-level factors and social determinants of health; serving as a patient's first contact for health concerns; provide patients with specialist and hospital care coordination and follow-up; using data and technology to coordinate services and enhance care; considering the impact of health on a patient’s family. Access to a regular family physician has been linked to: Lower infant mortality; Higher birth weights; Immunization rates above national standards; Lower overall health care costs; Longer, healthier lives.