Best Businesses for Kickboxing in Chapel Hill


Kickboxing is a full-contact sport that can also be practiced for self-defense & general fitness. It is a combination of kicking, punching and footwork. The classes are usually held at martial arts schools, instead of regular fitness gyms. Common kickboxing techniques are punching, kicking, blocking, counters, and footwork. It also involves punching heavy bags or working with a partner holding focus mitts or Thai pads. Kickboxing uses a wide range of techniques to disorient and defeat opponents, such as 1) jab, cross, hook, uppercut, 2) sweep, squat, kick, 3) jab, cross, slip, 4) front kick, back kick, 5) uppercuts. Different types of kickboxing exist, such as American Kickboxing which uses the hands and feet to make contact, Muay Thai uses the elbows and knees as contact points, Non-contact kickboxing and cardio kickboxing both use the same footwork, kicking, and punching techniques as other types of kickboxing, but the moves are directed at weight bags and hand pads instead of a workout partner. Special gear is required when practicing kickboxing which include gloves, hand and ankle wraps, a mouthguard, headgear, shin guards. To compete in matches, kickboxers must be well conditioned for the duration of a fight, requiring intense muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance training. A common exercise used by kickboxers while training is the elevated push-up – which are push-ups performed by using a chair to elevate the legs while doing push-ups. There are a number of health benefits associated with kickboxing, which include Improved cardiovascular health due to increased maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), which is an indicator of cardiovascular endurance; increased muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility, balance and coordination, improved mental health, relieves stress, boosts weight loss, greater confidence and self-esteem, and provides overall body toning.