Best Businesses for Psychics in Chapel Hill


A psychic is one who claims to have extrasensory perception. The primary issue regarding psychics is that the practice is not scientifically verifiable; no evidence that people can communicate with the dead or predict the future. The psychic industry is highly fraudulent, where psychics exploit customers by telling them that they have a curse or would benefit from the casting of a spell. It is thought that the two ways psychics defraud people is through cold calling/reading and hot calling/reading. Cold reading is a technique in which psychics ask general questions designed to elicit information and then rely on verbal and physical cues to glean increasingly personal information from an individual. Hot calling/reading involves researching the clients beforehand and using details from their online lives to seem to be accurate, insightful and to fabricate. It is proposed that there seven psychic abilities: Clairvoyance (Clear seeing): ability to see or have visions as mental flashes which include pictures of people, scenes, places, objects, spirit, symbols and colors; Clairaudience (Clear Hearing): the ability to “hear” messages from the spirit realm; Clairempathy (Sensing emotion): to sense or feel emotions from individuals or spirits; Clairsentience (Sensing feeling): otherwise described as ‘gut feeling’ or intuition, this is the ability to sense and feel emotions from spirit both positive and negative. Clairalience (Sense of smell): ability to smell a fragrance or odor that is being transmitted by the spirit; Clairgustance (Sense of taste): being able to “taste” essences being transmitted by spirit, with the belief being that spirits can transfer a character or behavior influence to people in the form of a flavor; Clairtangency (Touch or feeling): also known as psychometry, this is the ability to receive a message by touching or holding a personal object in your hands.