9 Tips For Staying Active In Pregnancy

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As you get further into your pregnancy, your body will change and so will the way you act in your daily routine. Women can easily get sluggish and stop doing things they used to do, only to find out they have gained weight and invited lots of complications into their pregnancy. Spending most of your time sitting idle and not being active will turn out to be quite harmful, not only for your health but also for the health of your baby. If you gain too much weight, you could be exposed to pre-eclampsia, a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes, and general pains and aches that come with pregnancy.

It is really important that you maintain an active routine even when you are pregnant. But don’t worry! There are so many different activities that you can get into to stay active throughout the day during pregnancy. Working out during pregnancy will increase your energy levels and will allow you to sleep better, while improving your mood at the same time.

Wondering what you can do to stay active in pregnancy? Here are a few simple things you can do and make way for a healthy pregnancy.

1. Get Proper Sleep

Sleeping well every night turns out to be the hardest thing to do when you are pregnant. As your baby bump grows bigger, you may find it hard to figure out a proper position to sleep in every night. If you don’t get proper sleep, you may feel dizzy throughout the day and not ready to take on your routine chores. However, if you can invest in the right pregnancy pillow for your needs, it will definitely help you get ample sleep every night and stay active during the day.

There are plenty of different pregnancy pillows available in the market in a range of designs, shapes, and materials and choosing the best one from the available options can be quite a hassle. A quick solution can be found here. Sleep well every night and get all the comfort you need with the best pregnancy pillow to make your nights more comfortable during pregnancy.

2. Use Routine Activities To Give Your Arms Some Exercise

You should prepare the muscles of your arms for the time when your little one will arrive and you’ll have to do some lifting. Give some workout time to your arms with routine activities, but make sure that you do not lift anything too heavy. When you pick up the shopping bags, make sure that you bend at your knees and keep the muscles of your tummy held in while ensuring that your back stays straight.

3. Take The Stairs Rather Than The Elevator

Taking the stairs every time you have to reach a higher floor turns out to be a wonderful activity to tone the muscles of your stomach and legs. However, you must ensure that you do not make things too hectic for your body. If you’re on a much higher floor, it would be better to take the elevator for half of your journey downstairs.

4. Make Adjustments To Your Routine

Even though it is advised by the National Health Service (NHS) that pregnant women can keep on doing the workouts they did in their regular routine if they feel comfortable with it, you must keep your movements and exercise at a moderate level.

For instance, if your regular workout routine involves some HIIT workouts, it is better to make a few adjustments and take a simple jog instead. You can also go swimming throughout the nine months of your pregnancy. Generally speaking, you must be able to hold conversations as you perform your workouts. If you feel like you’re losing your breath while talking, try to slow down the pace and do not exert yourself too much.

5. Do Not Exhaust Your Body

It’s highly recommended that you perform workouts in pregnancy, but if you were not very active before pregnancy, it is better that you do not start a rigorous workout routine all of a sudden. Keep in mind that your workouts shouldn’t be too strenuous as that will only do harm to your body and pregnancy. Keep things moderate so that it helps you as well as your baby.

6. Do Not Lie On The Back

Never lie flat on the back once you go past your first trimester in pregnancy. This position puts a lot of pressure on the larger vein known as the vena cava, and this can lead to reduced blood flow towards the brain and the heart. Eventually, it will make you feel nauseous and dizzy during the day. So, it is better that you look for workouts which can train the muscles in some other way.

7. Walk More In Your Daily Routine

If you often take the bus, try replacing it with a little walk by getting off a couple of stops earlier. Walking is something which makes for an obvious choice for staying active in pregnancy. In fact, it is the simplest of things you can do to achieve your physical activity goals in pregnancy.

Another way to give yourself some daily walking time is to take your pet out for a walk. If you have a dog, you can take it out with you every morning or every evening for a short walk.

8. Try Some Gardening

Gardening is a great pastime and it can be even better when you are pregnant. Weeding, planning, and cutting down the grass can all contribute to an active lifestyle overall.

9. Wear Loose Clothing

When you do your workouts, it is better to not wear something that makes you feel constricted or trapped. It is not only uncomfortable, but can also increase the temperature of your body to a very dangerous level. So, if you want to stay active in pregnancy, it would be better to ditch that tight lycra material and go with something loose made from natural material.

With these simple tips, you can make your pregnancy more active and more comfortable. Try to figure out more new ideas to enjoy a healthy and active pregnancy!

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