How Can I Promote Postpartum Healing and Wellness?

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Many new mothers eagerly embrace prioritizing postpartum healing and wellness and caring for themselves after the birthing process. Your hormones will start returning to normal, although caring for your newborn will keep you on your toes.

Postpartum recovery can take a long time, which can be understandably frustrating for some new mothers. However, reframe the situation by focusing on the journey rather than the destination. You’ll eventually get to where you want to be.

1. Attend Check-In Appointments

Your first confidant when it comes to postpartum recovery is your ob-gyn specialist. Some mothers may struggle with depression and anxiety. There’s also a risk for some medical issues like high blood pressure and constipation.

Schedule your visits regularly. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends multiple postpartum checkups between three and 12 weeks after childbirth. Coordinate with your specialist to determine when to seek medical attention.

2. Find Comfortable Clothes

With your baby out in the world, you may feel ready to return to your pre-pregnancy clothes and ditch the maternity wear. However, you must prioritize your comfort during the wellness journey, especially if you underwent a C-section. 

Look for shirts and pants made of soft and stretchy material. Remember to search for postpartum underwear, too. They’re comfortable and can absorb vaginal discharge, which you may experience for the first few weeks.

3. Connect With a Wellness Coach

Look for a wellness coach you can talk to regarding the emotional side of your postpartum healing journey. An outside perspective can provide insight into your mental fortitude and overall well-being. 

You can also discuss specific goals you want to achieve throughout your postpartum recovery. For example, you may want to be more meditative and centered. Your wellness coach can keep you grounded and check in with you on your progress.

4. Speak With Fellow Mothers

In addition to a coach, having a circle of moms with your back can be empowering. Understanding that they have gone through a similar journey and got to where they are today can provide solace in knowing you’ll get there, too. Plus, you can also hear tips about what worked for them. 

Get personal referrals or connect with other people on online forums. Look for in-person support groups you can visit in your free time.

5. Stretch and Exercise

Many people want to include postpartum exercise in their healing journey with the hope of losing their baby weight. Seek medical advice before participating in strenuous activities. Here are some exercise suggestions:

  • Yoga: Simple yoga stances can help you stretch your body and relieve tension. Do the child’s pose by getting on all fours and resting your upper body on a thick pillow on the floor. This position can free up your lower back.
  • Walking: A simple outdoor walk can give you fresh air while building cardiovascular endurance. Avoid overexerting yourself and get ample rest when you get home afterward.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that minimizes impact on the joints while moving the whole body. Do freestyle laps in the water or kick your legs in place.

6. Eat and Hydrate Well

Food is essential for your soul and well-being. A balanced diet is vital for many new mothers, as it supplements the body with nutrients needed to recover. Here are some extra tips on eating and hydrating well:

  • Have a full meal: Breastfeeding requires plenty of nutrients from your body. Be sure to have three meals a day. Look for recipes rich in fiber and carbohydrates.
  • Stock up on snacks: Have a couple of emergency snacks for when hunger strikes, such as sliced fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas and cucumbers. Add treats like chocolate and nuts, too.
  • Have a big water bottle: Breastfeeding will make you thirstier than usual, so fill up a big water bottle to prevent return trips to the kitchen. Look for containers with straws to allow worry-free sipping.

7. Visit the Dentist

Your dental well-being also plays a part in your postpartum recovery. New mothers may deal with dry mouth as their body adjusts post-childbirth. Consult your dentist about rinsing solutions or habits that can help. 

Booking a dentist appointment three to six months after childbirth is recommended to ensure your oral health is intact. However, you can visit earlier or later depending on how you feel and whether you have an emergency condition.

8. Spend Time by Yourself

Many new mothers can feel overstimulated about managing a household and caring for their newborn. Reach out to family and friends you trust to give you one day per week to be alone and collect yourself. Put these activities on your schedule:

  • Read a new book: A few chapters can transport you. Take your pick between fictional worlds or nonfiction self-help stories.
  • Watch your favorite show: Is there a Netflix show you’ve put off watching? It’s time to grab some popcorn and binge-watch. 
  • Take a warm bath: Soak in a nice warm bath for a little while to free yourself from worries. Light a scented candle and play your favorite music.
  • Practice mindfulness and journaling: Meditate and breathe for a few minutes. You can also write about your postpartum journey in a notebook.

9. Prep Your Sleeping Station

Sleep is essential for any recovery process. Unfortunately, new mothers can experience postpartum insomnia. They may only get about six hours of sleep every night. Caring for your newborn in the middle of the night can contribute to a lack of shuteye, but there’s also potential chronic pain in the mix.

Consider changing up your sleeping arrangement. Place your baby’s crib in your room so they’re close by if they need you. You can also get new amenities like a donut pillow, which supports your back and neck.

10. Arrange Quality Time With Loved Ones

Postpartum recovery should include social wellness, so be sure to arrange hangouts with your loved ones. For instance, a barbecue dinner with your parents can be a great way to bond and catch up after all that’s happened. Have a spa day with your best friends.

Be sure to spend lots of time with your partner. Check in with one another to see how each of you is doing and strengthen your connection. It’s also essential to give them love and reassurance. Express how they are doing a good job and that you’re excited for your family to grow.

Have a Mindful Postpartum Healing Journey

Postpartum healing can be a different experience for many mothers. Don’t be hard on yourself if you need to skip specific steps or take extra time to build habits. Making an effort and putting yourself at the forefront is well worth the effort.

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