Self-Care Sunday: 4 Organizational Habits to Start This Month

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During a busy week as a parent, it can be easy for you and your family to let good habits slip and instead fall into patterns of doing what’s easier– leaving shoes out by the door, throwing things into the fridge without thinking twice, accumulating clutter on the kitchen table. But what if you took a bit of extra time on the weekend creating an organized space that’s easy to maintain during the week? Today’s Self-Care Sunday blog post is all about easy organizational tips to start this month. Organizing your home can help keep you and your family motivated. The best part? You’ll be passing down healthy habits to your kids that will stay with them for years to come! Prepare for the week ahead with these four organizational habits.

1. Create a Chore Chart

Doing chores shouldn’t just fall on your shoulders as a parent! Get your kids involved by creating a chore chart. Pick age-appropriate chores for your kids and make a chart with everyone’s responsibilities. Having a visual is helpful for building routine and encouraging teamwork. Make sure to put the chart on the fridge or on the wall somewhere that everyone can see it and in no time, your family will be tackling chores with a system that builds a great habit. Not sure where to begin? Find more tips and ideas on building the perfect chore chart for your family here.

2. Make a Meal Calendar

Planning out meals for the week can be a daunting task, but it can become a fun activity if you do it right. There are many simple ways to get your family to eat healthier. Make a routine on Sunday nights of looking up fun and healthy recipes with the whole family for meal planning. If you have a big calendar in your living space, write out the meals you’re planning to make. A meal calendar will make the nagging questions from your kids disappear, because they’ll know exactly what to expect on each day of the week. You’ll never hear, “What are we having for dinner tonight?” again. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

3. Designate a Homework Station

Whether your children are learning virtually from home or going into the classroom, a designated homework station in your home will set them up for success. Set up a comfortable space where your kids can sit and do their homework each day. Make sure to include anything they may need– pencils, markers, extra paper, etc. You can even let your kids hang up drawings, pictures, or their school assignment calendar on the wall over their table or desk to personalize their space. A homework station will help keep your kids focused and organized during the entire school year.

4. Stock a Lunch-Packing Station

Similar to a designated homework space, a lunch-packing station will benefit your family
by making the task of packing lunches so much easier. Organize easy-to-grab snacks like cheese sticks, clementines, carrot sticks, and yogurts in a clear bin in your fridge. Make space in your pantry for healthy snacks like granola bars, crackers, and trail mix. You can even pre-make and package pb&j sandwiches, small fruit salads, and cold cuts for easy meals. Meal prepping can come in handy as well, if you portion out meals in to-go containers in advance.

A more organized life has benefits you may not realize until you start making the changes in your home. With these four organizational tips, you can boost productivity, decrease stress, and eat healthier as a family. A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to building organizational habits that will last a lifetime. Try out one of these tips as a version of self-care this week! Your future self will thank you.

Kristen Luft is a digital marketer working on health-centered blog posts for Wellistic. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, snuggling her greyhound or chihuahua, or following the latest trends on Instagram.

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