10 Essential Gemstones For Wellness

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Everyone seems to be chased by deadlines, payment dues, and essential errands. Panting from exhaustion and frustration, you tend to look for different techniques to relieve stress and enhance your mind and body. Especially with the pandemic, many are focused and determined to improve their wellness.

You may have heard about gemstones when browsing online websites and blogs. Without medicine, hospitals, and doctors, stone magic was used by the ancestors to treat various conditions, eliminate dark spirits, enhance cognitive function, cleanse blockages from the chakras, and improve overall health.

For example, the increasingly popular amethyst crystals help you improve your sleeping habits and calm yourself from internal and external stress. They can also help enhance your self-care routine, delaying aging and preventing various diseases.

What Are These Gem Crystals?

Each crystal has a healing power that targets wellness issues you may be experiencing, such as headaches, fatigue, brain fog, body pain, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and stress. They’re believed to produce vibrations that elevate the mood, calm the body and mind, and relieve some types of pain.   

The other ways to use gem crystals are to use them as healing bracelets, put them on your bedside table, for meditation, or as an addition to an aesthetic design on your office or study table. They must be cleaned regularly by running them on clean water for a few minutes and patting them dry with a clean towel. To recharge them, you may lay them outside under a full moon or expose them to sunlight by the windowsill.   

The following are the ten essential gemstones you can use to improve your wellness:  

1. Citrine (Merchant’s Stone)  

Citrine is believed to bring prosperity and luck in all aspects of your life. Many thought it to grant your deepest wishes and wants and give you the boost of confidence you need to achieve your dreams. It is yellowish-white, eliciting radiant energy, giving hope, making you optimistic, and delivering life and light even on your darkest days.   

2. Clear Quartz (Master Healer)   

Clear Quartz is thought to deliver clarity amidst your confusion, frustration, and problems in life. It amplifies energy that can heighten your senses and vibrations and improve your confidence and self-esteem.   

They can be used as healing bracelets so that you can take them anywhere and anytime. Many users claim that it helped them in their spiritual and emotional growth, giving them the strength they need to overcome life’s challenges and hurdles.   

3. Amethyst (Calming Stone)

Amethyst is known for its purple and violet hues and its correlation to the crown chakra. It helps in promoting healthy sleeping habits, nurtures deep contemplation, improves decision-making skills, and calms your mind and body.

Many believe that amethyst can boost your immunity, increasing your body’s first line of defense against harmful pathogens and contagious diseases. This gem is for health and healing.

4. Rose Quartz (For Self-Love)

This gem is highly sought for its sweet pink color, bringing the energy that induces self-love. Be it broken relationships with partners, friends, and even family – the rose quartz is believed to make you accept the painful experiences, heal the wounds of the past, and help you grow to love yourself more.

5. Carnelian (Red Fiery Stone)

The carnelian gem resembles the sunset’s color, filled with rich red and orange hues. It’s believed to be rich in vitality, giving you a boost of energy AdobeStock 154015412 scaledin your mind and body, enhancing intimacy, helping you see what’s right, and strengthening your sense of security, safety, and grounding.

6. Moonstone (For Inward Vision)

In life, there are many challenges and hiccups along the path to success. The moonstone is thought to help you embrace and adapt to changes and sharpen your inward vision. It also radiates feminine power and helps in fertility and reproductive issues.

7. Black Obsidian (Truth Seeker Stone)  

Black obsidian helps with your grounding and in seeking the truth from the queries of your mind. Many people are deceivers and want to take advantage of your kindness and generosity. This gem can guide you to ground yourself or turn your back away from negative energy and toxic individuals.   

8. Black Tourmaline (To Eliminate Negativity)  

Black tourmaline is a warrior stone that helps create a protective barrier against the dark and negative energy surrounding you. It’s believed to boost your strength and power and keep your mind, soul, and body balanced.   

9. Lapis Lazuli (For Self-Expression)

Lapis lazuli is the blue gem for self-expression. It’s believed to clear out the throat chakra, enhancing your communication skills to connect with the people around you. When your thoughts aren’t clear, you can also use this to communicate with yourself and the world around you, collecting wisdom and peace of mind.

10. Hematite (Shield Stone)  

Hematite is considered a guiding star that protects you from the potential harm around you. It’s believed to be used by mothers during labor and by men on the battlefield in ancient times. This gem brings courage and strength to its bearer to overcome fears, anxiety, and bad habits.   

Taking All Into Account

These healing stones possess unique energies that can help you change your life for the better. Proper knowledge can help you choose the right gemstone for you. You may look for local or virtual stores that sell these healing stones and ask them for some insight. Incorporate these gemstones into your daily self-care routine to help improve your overall health and wellness.

Alyssa Agua is a celebrated wellness enthusiast, developing various effective approaches to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. She’s been conducting free online webinars all throughout the year. Her vlogs are focused on encouraging people to practice daily self- meditation and showing them its positive influence on one’s daily life. She is a vegetarian and enjoys planting and cultivating her home garden during her free time.

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