Why Mushrooms Are Your Gut’s Best Friend

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Mushrooms are mostly known for their great taste. But did you know that mushrooms are also very good for your health? While they rarely get the spotlight when whipping up meals, having mushrooms as an added ingredient to what you take daily is much more beneficial than you think.

Mushrooms are packed with essential vitamins and minerals—a fact that should convince you to have mushrooms more on your grocery list. These are great for stir fry, salads, pasta, and even side dishes. They have quite a rich reserve of antioxidants like ergothioneine and selenium.

As if that’s not enough, mushrooms are also great for red blood cell development with their high levels of copper and B Vitamins. That’s just the beginning of what mushrooms from sources like Mushroom Revival, among many others, can do for you.  

Read on to discover some of the most compelling reasons mushrooms are your gut’s best friend, for all its many health benefits. 

It Supports Bone Health And Immunity 

A healthy gut is the foundation of a strong immune system. After all, you are what you eat. The body is fueled by the food you take in, so that’s something you’ll have to be very particular about.

If you feed your body a lot of junk, your immune system will generally feel like junk, too. On the other hand, when you fuel your body with nutritious food, the holistic effects will start to sit in. Take these lion’s mane spiritual benefits, in particular. Holistic health and wellness can contribute significantly to a good immune system, too.

Mushroom is one of the healthiest foods supporting good immunity and bone health. Once exposed to ultra-violet (UV) radiation, mushroom generates high levels of Vitamin D. When there aren’t that many plant sources of Vitamin B, this is essentially an amazing perk.  

Giving the body good amounts of Vitamin D is important for the following purposes: 

  • It supports muscle and bone functions, reducing the risk of falls and accidents; 
  • It has good heart-protective properties; 
  • It may impact how your body responds to pain and inflammation. 

While the body generates its supply of Vitamin D, what you have may not be enough, especially if you aren’t getting enough sun exposure. Supplementing with mushrooms is highly encouraged, especially for those who suffer from kidney and liver diseases. 

It Contains Immune Modulating Ingredients 

Mushrooms also are a good source of active polysaccharides, particularly a strong type of soluble fiber known as beta-glucan. This is one of the best compounds to help activate your immune system, particularly macrophages and immune cells known as natural killer cells. 

As parents, your body needs to build a strong immune system so you work well and spend time with your family. Depending on your health condition, eating the right mushrooms may even potentially stop the growth of any developing tumor. Even when you’re healthy, those immune-modulating ingredients still work well enough to your advantage by preventing damage to healthy tissues and cells. 

It May Help With Diabetic Patients 

If you’re diabetic, you may know by now that being very particular about your gut or stomach health is key to managing diabetes. While there’s no cure for this, good lifelong management may help improve your overall quality of life. Hence, this begins with choosing the right meal options. 

While many ingredients constitute a diabetes-friendly diet, a mushroom is one of those that are the most impactful. AdobeStock 315911867. scaledA cup of sliced mushrooms weighing 70 grams provides around 1 gram of fiber. This is good enough to help complete the minimum requirement of around 22 to 33 grams of fiber per day for adults, particularly diabetic patients. 

It Can Potentially Help With Weight Loss 

Staying within the right weight requirement is more than just a vanity thing. You could feel more confident and function better in the household or workplace when you’re not overweight or underweight. However, note that it goes even deeper. Meeting the proper body mass index (BMI) is key to staying fit and healthy. Moreover, achieving this entails being more conscious of your meal choices so you know you’re eating well. 

If you’re trying to avoid meat, mushrooms are a good plant-based alternative. They’re low in fat and calories, with only around three calories per cup. They’re also a good source of protein, so you’re left feeling full for longer sans the nasties. 

It Can Promote Good Heart Health 

Apart from diabetes, one of the top common diseases globally is those of the heart. This can be a daunting prospect, but the good news is that there are many ways you can reduce the likelihood of heart disease, beginning with what you eat. 

Since mushroom is a good source of healthy fiber, it follows that it’s also one of the best heart-friendly ingredients. Not only does it facilitate smooth digestion, but it also supports good heart health by lowering blood pressure. 

Are Mushrooms Good For You? Most Certainly So! 

As you may now understand better, you definitely can’t go wrong with mushrooms. Not only are they incredibly tasty, but they’re also extremely healthy. Your gut health seeks to be benefited the most, but there’s even more. If you aim to give your body a health boost, mushrooms should be a must-eat. Most importantly, don’t forget to consult your doctor or a nutritionist. Anything in excessive quantities can still be harmful, so it’s best to know how much mushroom you can have in your meals for optimum health benefits.

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