The Missing Piece in Reclaiming Your Health and Energy

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Maybe you are aware that you can’t access as much energy as you used to in order to get simple tasks done during the day. You seem to be developing symptoms in the body at a rapid rate, or one particular condition is wreaking havoc on how you function daily. For many people in our community, anxiety or anxious feelings are so prevalent that fully relaxing daily or at night seems completely unfathomable. It might be time to reclaim your health and energy.

Overwhelm as a way of life

The experience of feeling absolutely drained becomes the new normal for many: Drained by pain, drained by physical exhaustion, drained by non-rejuvenating sleep, drained by relationships, drained by health conditions, drained by stress

From the point of view of Eastern Medicine, it is very simple why we experience our bodies this way. We have lost internal or foundational energy in the body and we don’t know how to sufficiently build it back up. We are out of balance in deep ways that cannot be fixed with supplements, exercise, diet, therapy, medications, or surgery.

The Missing Piece

As humans, we must have ways of filling back up when we become drained. Currently, in our typical medical model, we reach for things that address the symptoms on the surface level. For example, many of us know that we feel better after a good night’s sleep, having a healing session, alleviating pain through holistic or more western means, going to yoga, getting acupuncture or massage, praying, meditating, changing our situation (or changing the way we look at the situation), etc. These experiences and interventions are perhaps helpful, but many of us report that our overall health and energy level only changes marginally. Or that the effects of those interventions are temporary and do not seem to actually support us in making substantial gains forward.  And so, even with all the interventions, we are vulnerable to become drained again.

If our internal energy is depleted, we are suffering greatly with stress in our life currently or emotional charge from past events; interventions we employ to get better, stronger, or happier simply won’t work or won’t work enough. In order to avoid being completely drained and to easily fill back up, you must have a certain amount of baseline or foundational energy. In Chinese Medicine, this is called Qi (“Chi”). Many of the interventions listed above, MOVE energy in the body which is very useful for feeling better and getting clarity, etc. The missing piece to really improve health is the replenishing of our foundational Qi or Energy and to support the body to have enough energy in the right balance.

Seeking support at your foundational level

Many people with chronic conditions, stress, anxiety, depression, cancer, pain, and low energy have been explored a practice called Qi Gong. Loosely translated, Qi Gong means “energy cultivation”. While there are many different forms of Qi Gong taught today, it is very important to seek a practice that not only moves the energy but helps the practitioner build and balance their energy. All Qi Gong has the original intention of balancing yin (quiet, calm) and yang (active, bright) energy in the body. Some Qi Gong forms do this very effectively and people notice a difference in their day to day experience. However, to truly move the ball forward improving our health, daytime energy, quality of sleep, relationships, how we respond to what happens or happened, we must have an efficient Qi Gong practice that also supports healing the heart and soul. Qi Gong practice that addresses how to have more kindness and unconditional compassion will support deep progress in our healing so that we connect to happiness and vitality again.

Why Qi Gong May NOT Work

It’s not enough to only MOVE the energy. It’s also not enough to have a practice or intervention that makes us feel calmer for a little while. We must also improve the quantity and quality of that energy including elevating and healing our heart and soul. When we do this, physical symptoms begin to improve or resolve completely, our sleep is enhanced, our relationships are stronger, we are more grounded in spite of everything that is happening around us, and we remember that we need not spend so much attention in suffering.

The strongest and most efficient Qi Gong will be supportive of healing of the body AND emotional density (including anxiety). While there are many forms of Qi Gong taught in the west, Pangu Shengong is an example of a method that not only builds and balances foundational energy or Qi, but also allows the practitioner to build compassion and a deep calm that can start to affect every aspect of life with dedicated practice. When a Qi Gong method doesn’t seem to work to improve foundational energy and resolve symptoms, it may be because the method is not effective enough, it isn’t being practiced correctly, or the method itself has lost or has no intention to support the heart, soul, spirit, and emotional healing of the practitioner.

Seek support for harmony

Practicing a highly effective, efficient, and kindness-based Qi Gong, like Pangu Shengong, is a monumental part of remembering how to be more calm, open-hearted and tolerant, humble, diligent, and persevere. When we do this, there is less tension in the body and symptoms actually do resolve. Maybe not all at once (the longer a condition has been present, the longer it may take to move it), but over time people experience less suffering in the body.

Still, many with chronic autoimmune or chronic pain find it helpful to work with a practitioner who uses Medical Qi Gong protocol to facilitate healing of emotional and physical suffering. Especially when one is aware that there are great parts of days that are spent in frustration, grief, anger/rage/resentment, shame, fear/anxiety, worthlessness, sadness, judgement, overwhelm. Medical Qi Gong and the guidance towards acceptance of current reality are other missing pieces of the puzzle of health improvement. This kind of support is especially powerful if we don’t wait until we are in a health, pain, or emotional crisis or seek support while in the crisis.

When we notice that our attempts to improve our energy, health, and happiness are not working, it may be a sign that our foundational energy is low and that we need to reclaim our health. Introducing Qi Gong and seeking help to resolve emotional tension stored in the physical body with this powerful meditative method is often the missing piece that allows people to access vitality again especially when not much else is working. When the body-mind-and spirit are all in harmony, the body can more easily recalibrate and return to harmony. Harmony in the body lets us experience freedom from suffering and this in turn allows a return to health and vitality.

Want to learn more about Energy Medicine? Find a Energy Healer near me.

Erin Tracy is owner of Empower Wellness. Certified in both Medical Qi Gong and Qi Gong Instruction, she consults and guides people who have plateaued in their progress in improving health conditions such as auto-immune, cancer treatment recovery, anxiety, and pain to effectively and powerfully build vitality back and return to health.

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